Horizontal Dual-zone Vacuum Oil Quenching Gas cooling Heat treatment Furnace

Mainly used for alloy structural steel, alloy tool steel, die steel, bearing steel, elastic alloy, stainless steel bright vacuum oil quenching or gas cooling and vacuum annealing, vacuum tempering.
The HVOQ vacuum furnace is composed of a furnace body, a vacuum system, an electric control system, an aeration system, a water cooling system, a pneumatic system, and an off-site transport vehicle.

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The vacuum oil quenching furnace is a graphite furnace and the heat shield is a graphite felt. The electronic control system is highly automated, stable and reliable. Among them, the temperature control adopts an intelligent temperature controller, and the action adopts a programmable controller. Vacuum oil quenching furnace is mainly used for bright quenching, annealing or ceramic materials of alloy steel, tool steel, die steel, high speed steel, bearing steel, spring steel, stainless steel, etc., vacuum sintering of hard alloy; vacuum brazing of metal materials etc…

It is ideal for incorporation of heat treatment can also handle a multitude of thermal processes for a variety of materials including:

Hardening with oil quench/Gas cooling 

vacuum oil quenching furnace Features :
1. It adopts high quality heating element graphite rod, which has long service life and easy maintenance.
2. The composite gate valve has good heat insulation and gas barrier effect.
3. Reasonable heating chamber structure makes the heating more uniform, less heat loss and more energy saving.
4. The oil tank stirring device makes the flow direction of the quenching oil reasonable and uniform, and ensures the deformation of the workpiece is small.
5. The vacuum and air-cooling pressure in the furnace can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different materials.
6. The workpiece conveying mechanism is stable and flexible, safe and reliable.
7. The air-cooled chamber cover adopts a wrong tooth flange ring structure to ensure positive and negative pressure sealing in both directions.
8. Fully intelligent industrial computer control with a manual operating system.

vacuum oil quenching furnace details technical :

Effective hot zone W×H×L(mm)300×300×450400×400×600500×500×700600×600×900700×700×1100800×800×1200900×900×1500
Loading capacity(kg)601503005007008001500
Heating power(kW)406585150200240480
Max. temperature(.C)1300130013001300130013001300
Heating elements and ChamberGraphite heating element and graphite felt composite screen composite structure /

Nichrome with heating element and stainless steel screen composite structure /

Molybdenum heating element and all metal heat shield composite structure

Temperature uniformity(.C)±5±5±5±5±5±5±5
Ultimate vacuum(Pa)4×10-14×10-14×10-14×10-14×10-14×10-14×10-1
Pressure raising rate(Pa/h)≤0.65≤0.65≤0.65≤0.65≤0.65≤0.65≤0.65
Cooling gas(99.99%)N2/ArN2/ArN2/ArN2/ArN2/ArN2/ArN2/Ar
Air cooling pressure(bar)222222 



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